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Out of this world social sharing shouldn’t be rocket science. You want your audience to share your content, in the places that matter to them, in a way that looks great and works well.

Social Rocket is here to help.

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Why Social Rocket?

(because it's awesome, mostly)

Look good on mobile

Want to display different buttons on mobile? Use a different style? Different colors? With Social Rocket Pro’s mobile-specific settings, the sky is truly the limit! The days of forcing your mobile visitors to cope with buttons meant for desktop are¬†over.

Come on over!

With Social Rocket’s migrator extension, you can bring over all your existing images, descriptions, tweets, and even shortcodes from Social Warfare, Social Pug, or MashShare. Our simple one-click process gets you going with Social Rocket in minutes!

Social Rocket is the plugin I've been waiting for. It works exactly like it should, it's stable and intuitive, and I can customize it to look exactly the way I want. I'm so happy it's here! Kathleen Celmins, kathleencelmins.com

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